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Custom Adventures and Outdoor Experiences

At YExplore we offer exclusive custom experiences with a local guide that help you connect to the natural world of Yosemite National Park and other premier international destinations. Please join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Every YExplore Yosemite Tour includes a vehicle reservation permit into Yosemite National Park during any reservation period.

Explore Yosemite then the World

YExplore Yosemite Adventures is the leading Yosemite Tour Company offering custom guided Yosemite experiences 12 months a year. We offer Adventure Hikes, Half Dome Hikes, Nature Walks, Snowshoe Hikes, and Photography Workshops. Every YExplore Yosemite Tour includes a vehicle reservation permit into Yosemite National Park during any reservation period. We also guarantee smaller group sizes for a more personalized experience with our professional guides who are all local to Yosemite. YExplore is a mission driven outdoor guide service whose standards of ethics and client care are unmatched. Learn more About YExplore below.

Photography Workshops

Our unique Yosemite Photo Workshops present opportunities to take control of your camera and achieve your artistic goals in a natural setting with personalized attention from your professional instructor.
Landscape, Night Skies, Yosemite Waterfalls, and Overnight Photography Backpack Workshops are just a few of the many classes we offer.

International Treks


Reach the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain with us on a 10-day expedition while also exploring the Serengeti and Ngorongoro region of Tanzania on a wildlife photo safari.


Nepal Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp Explore the Everest Region of the Himalaya with us on a 22 day expedition while giving back to Sherpa communities in Nepal.


xpeirence the rich culture of Peru in the city of Cusco and in the Sacred Valley then travel the Inca Trail on a four day journey of discovery to Machu Picchu.

Yosemite Adventures Blog

Yosemite Vehicle
Reservation Permits

Yosemite National Park is implementing a permit reservation system in 2024. YExplore Yosemite Adventures offers Yosemite Vehicle Reservation Permits available to guests on all guided hikes and …

2024 Half Dome

2024 Half Dome Permits are available from YExplore Yosemite Adventures. Book now to join us for a guided Half Dome Hike in Yosemite this summer season. …

Searching For Snow on
Mount Kilimanjaro

We are all on a journey in this lifetime. Many of us are on a quest for adventure as we live for each exciting day. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania for an incredible trip to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro. …

Your Adventure Awaits

We strive to provide transformative outdoor adventures that inspire all generations to make discoveries in nature that lead to personal growth and achievement. Our commitment to small group sizes and dedication to customer care distinguish us from our competitors.

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