Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek and Safari

with Zanziabr Resort Retreat

Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek and Safari

Journey to Africa with us to observe the continent’s diverse wildlife species then reach the summit of its tallest peak on a Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek and Safari. We will explore the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area on a wildlife photo safari followed by a cultural exchange in a Maasai village. Then we will trek to the 19,341 foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The trip will culminate with a 3 day retreat in Zanzibar. As a bonus, this year we will explore the Serengeti in a balloon ride on our last day before entering the Ngorongoro Crater. Cal +1 209-532-7014 for more information or to book your tour today.


What’s Not Included

Air transportation to/from Peru, visas, any necessary emergency evacuation flight, tips to guides and staff, airport taxes, cost of obtaining a passport or medical immunizations, travel insurance, snacks between meals, alcohol, and accommodations before and after trip dates.

Travel insurance is not included. The international tour company we partner with does not provides travel insurance for any of its guests. You will be responsible for your own travel insurance.

Expect to be captivated by the many species of African wildlife as our guides lead you on a weeklong journey that begins in Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park. You will view and photograph animals, large and small, while learning about their behaviors from an expert naturalist driving guide. On the last day, we will explore the Serengeti from above in a magnificent balloon ride of a lifetime. Then we will journey to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for a safari inside the crater. From there we will have the unique opportunity to visit and share a cultural exchange with members of a Maasai village in the Ngorongoro highlands.

Next, our guides will lead you on a 7 day journey to Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Standing at 19,341 feet (5895 Meters) on the tallest mountain on the African Continent, you will feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment having achieved one of the Seven Summits of the world. Along the way, you will learn the natural history of the region from an expert naturalist. We will travel through 4 different ecological zones while exploring the three separate volcanoes of Kilimanjaro. Camping in some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth, you will appreciate the maximum effort given by every team member on this journey. We will wake at midnight on summit day to watch the sunrise from the peak. We have chosen a 7 day itinerary on the Lemosho Route to provide an opportunity for success mixing efficiency with acclimatization.
We have partnered with a local Tanzanian tour operator for our Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek and Safari to ensure that those we employ are given fair wages, and have set aside profits to be used for infrastructure and services in the villages we visit. The lead guide for this trip of a lifetime is Olotumi Laizer, a Tanzanian man who now lives in Yosemite National Park. Olotumi, a member of the Maasai Tribe, returns home once a year to lead groups to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and we have an opportunity to share in this once in a lifetime experience. Our commitment to goodwill ensures you and our staff will have an incredible and life-changing experience as we visit one of the most awe inspiring destinations on our planet. Financial contributions are built into the cost and will be made from the proceeds of every booking to support infrastructure and services in the village we visit. Contributions will be made to the local school, medical center, and families to provide opportunities for secondary education and entrepreneurship. YEXplore Founder John P. DeGrazio will also be accompanying you on this trip.

Our Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari Itinerary includes an 8 day Tanzania safari in Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, and The Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Serengeti trip will culminate with a magical balloon ride over the great plains. The short hikes we will complete at Ngorongoro will be ideal for acclimatization for the 7 Day Mt. Kilimanjaro trek up the Lemosho Route directed by lead Tanzania guide Olotumi Laizer. This reduces the stress and allows for proper acclimatization to ensure you have a challenging but enjoyable experience on our Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania, Africa. The trip will end with a retreat to a luxurious resort in Zanzibar.

1/16/2025 ARRIVAL DAY (Here is a sample Itinerary. Most will fly from the US on the 15th to arrive on the 16th)

Olotumi Laizer and our driver guide will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel.

Overnight you stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Arusha, The Arusha Hotel which is a very comfortable lodge in a secure location with private modern rooms and a restaurant that serves western meals. Dinner and Breakfast are high quality meals prepared by local chefs. 


After breakfast your driver guide picks you up at the hotel and you head to Tarangire National Park. You spend the afternoon on a game drive. You encounter antelopes and elephants, but are equally stunned by the gigantic baobab trees

Overnight at Twiga Campsite at Motwambu. This is tent camping and easily one of the most exciting aspects of the trip. All meals for our entire trip will be prepared and served by our own private staff. There is a public restroom with modern toilets at the campground.

Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari Itinerary


In the morning you begin your journey to Serengeti National Park. There you will observe wildlife and enjoy the vast plains of the Serengeti.

Overnight at the campsite in the heart of Serengeti National Park. 


The full day will be spent in the savannah viewing animals like zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, elephants, buffalo, giraffes, and maybe some lions, leopards or cheetahs.

*We will bring a boxed lunch to maximize our time in this pristine wildlife conservation area.

Overnight at the same public campsite in the heart of Serengeti National Park.


Enjoy a magical balloon ride over the savannah in the early morning. Thereafter explore the Serengeti plains and follow the great migration.  You should see some of the gigantic herds of wildebeests and zebras. You might also spot some well hidden predators like cheetahs and leopards. 

Overnight at the Simba A campsite on the rim of Ngorongoro crater.


Early in the morning you head to Ngorongoro highland. In the afternoon, you will drive through the famous Ngorongoro Crater. The crater hosts an abundance of wildlife including all of the Big Five. Expect to see zebras and wildebeests, buffalo, elephants, meet some lions and with some luck, glance at the rare rhinos.

Overnight at the luxurious Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge (A World Luxury Hotel Award Nominee). We will be able to take a midweek break with a hot shower, a tasty meal, and an opportunity to photograph sunset and the following morning’s sunrise from an optimal location on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.


After breakfast, we will drive to a hike on a short trail to Olmoti Crater at 13,000 ft. Prepare to view some beautiful wildflowers and waterfalls. Then we will drive to the Empakai Crater and hike down to the crater floor where you can enjoy a stunning view of this forested crater with flocks of flamingos in its lake. After hiking back to the rim, we will eat lunch and then drive 10 km to a village to meet the Laizer family. In the afternoon we visit the Primary school where our donations are made.

Stay overnight at campsite in village. This is tent camping. There is a restroom with pit toilets.


Spend time with the Laizer family learning more about Maasai culture and life in the village. You might choose to participate in daily activities like milking the goats, taking blood from the cows, dancing with the warriors, and/or walking toward Olodonyo Lengai.

Stay overnight at campsite in village. This is tent camping. There is a restroom with pit toilets.

**At dinner on the last night, you will be able to pass along a gratuity for your guides, cooks, and servers for their extremely difficult work.


Enjoy your last morning in the Naiyobi Village before driving back to Arusha, taking in the African landscape along the way.

Overnight we will stay at the Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge which offers secluded privacy in a natural setting. 

Those trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro will meet their guides in the evening for a 1 hour orientation.

END OF SAFARI (Safari Only Guests will be driven to the JRO Airport on 1/25/2025)

Londorossi Gate (2100m) to MTI Mkubwa Camp (2750m)

After an early breakfast at the Moivaro Coffee Plantation Lodge, you are picked up and driven to the Londorossi Gate. Please be certain to have all your water bottles filled before you leave. You may purchase water at the lodge. You will finally arrive at the trailhead at Lemosho Glades around noon. You start trekking through the rainforest. You enjoy the lush vegetation and might encounter some animals like monkeys or even buffalos or elephants.

Overnight you are camping at Mti Mkubwa Camp. This is tent camping for the entire trek. All meals for our trip will be prepared and served at our camps by our own private team. There is a public restroom with pit toilets at each campground, but we will have a private toilet set up for us by our very hard working team. Please be aware these toilets will be gender specific and you must be respectful of that.

1/26/2025 Mkubwa Camp to Shira 2 Camp (3500m)

You continue your route through the rainforest. After about an hour, the trail gradually steepens and you enter the moorland. Several streams are crossed. A gentle walk across the Shira Plateau leads to Shira 2 Camp on moorland meadows next to a stream. Looking at Kibo (one of Kilimanjaro’s three summits), you see the Western Breach with its stunning glaciers.

Overnight you camp at Shira 2 Camp.

1/27/2025 Shira 2 Camp to Barranco Cmp (3950m)

Today, you pass by the spectacular Lava Towers and along the South side of Kibo and Uhuru Peak and advance for the first time into the fascinating lunar alpine desert where the vegetation is limited to lichens and mosses. Although you do not gain much altitude over the day, you are constantly ascending and descending making this day important for your acclimatization.

Overnight you are camping at the Barranco Camp.

1/28/2025 Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp (3963m)

You start today’s journey by scaling the intimidating world famous Barranco Wall that turns out to be a a bit less foreboding than expected. At the top of the wall you enjoy a beautiful view. You continue your way gently downhill into the Karanga Valley before hiking up out of it to Karanga Camp.. 

Overnight you are camping at the Karanga Camp.


From Karanga Camp you will prepare for the summit of Uhuru Peak. The trail becomes steeper again and you start to feel that the air is thin as you hike up the rocky slopes to Barafu Camp. The winds whip hard as you gaze at the Mawenzi Summit at sunset. It will be difficult to relax in these conditions while you contemplate the summit, but you must do your best to rest.

Overnight you are camping at Barafu Camp. 

1/30/2025 Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak (5896m) and on to Millenial Camp (3950m)

At about midnight, you are woken up and commence the final ascent in the light of your torches. In the freezing cold you advance slowly to the crater rim of Kibo where you arrive for the most magnificent sunrise. After sunrise, you continue to climb to Uhuru Peak. Arriving at the highest point of Africa, you enjoy a few moments of unadulterated joy before you descend. At Barafu Camp, you rest for a while and then continue down along the steep Mweka Route that is only used to descend.

Overnight you are camping at the Millenial Camp.

1/31/2025 Millenial Camp to Mweka Gate (1600m)

Thrilled by the adventures of the last days, you walk down through the rainforest and enjoy the lush vegetation. At the Mweka Gate, your driver awaits you and takes you back with a possible stop for gifts.

**From here, you will say goodbye to your team of trekking guides, porters, and cook. This is when you will be able to pass along their gratuity and any gear donation you would like to leave for their extremely difficult work.

Overnight you will stay at the Arusha Coffee Lodge. This is a world class lodge in a secure location with private rooms, shops, and a restaurant that serves western meals. It’s a also great place to purchase coffee to bring home to friends and family. 

END OF KILIMANJARO TREK (Guests will be driven to the JRO Airport or Arusha Airport for a flight to Zanzibar on 2/1/2025)

2/1/2025 ZANZIBAR

The morning is spent on the grounds of the Arusha Coffee Lodge for a nice recovery from the climb. From there you will be driven to Arusha airport in time to catch up you flight to Zanzibar for a luxurious retreat at the Villa Kiva Boutique Resort. Depart Arusha: 16:00hrs. Arrive Zanzibar: 17:00hrs.

Overnight at Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel on half board basis (Breakfast and Dinner are provided. Lunch is a la carte.)

2/2/2025 ZANZIBAR

You have the days to yourself to relax at the resort, on the wonderful beaches of Zanzibar, or explore the town on your own. Local guides will be available for hire under your own arrangements.

Overnight you will stay at Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel on half board basis.

2/3/2025 ZANZIBAR

You have the days to yourself to relax at the resort, on the wonderful beaches of Zanzibar, or explore the town on your own. Local guides will be available for hire under your own arrangements.

Overnight you will stay at Villa Kiva Boutique Hotel on half board basis.

2/4/2025 ZANZIBAR to Home

You will be picked up at the resort and driven in time for your flight head to the airport to connect with your International flight back home. On your flight back home you will cherish your memories of Tanzania.

Here is a Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek Timeline for your once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania with YExplore Global Adventures January 16- February 4, 2025. Please read the timeline for advice for payments, vaccines, medications, visas, gratuities, and more.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at time of original booking to secure lodging for the trip.

[Please use Zelle, send check, or call for wiring instructions]

More than 6 months before  departure (July 2024)
  • Apply for a passport if you do not already have one. Passports should be valid through February of 2025.
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a check-up to determine if it is advisable for you to participate in this trek. High altitude environments can be stressful on the heart and lungs. Some prescription medications can be dangerous if taken at high elevation.
July 16, 2024

An additional 25% non-refundable deposit is due 6 months prior to departure. This will bring your total deposit to 50%.

Note: We are committed to fair treatment of our Tanzanian staff. Part of this commitment is to notify our staff of their work opportunities at least six months before our trips begin. This ensures that they have time to make arrangements for care of loved ones and family farms while they are away on our twenty-two day trip. In the event you cancel your trip, we use your deposit to pay our staff for the work they were expecting to have during that time.

[Please use Zelle, send check, or call for wiring instructions]

September 16th, 2024

The balance is due four months prior to departure.

Note: If the trip is cancelled by Yexplore Global Adventures for any reason, you will be refunded in full. Yexplore is not responsible for any additional losses associated with cancellation of the trip. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Preferred payment is via wire transfer using the information provided below. Your bank may have a fee associated with the transfer. Contact your bank for payment instructions.

[Please use Zelle, send check, or call for wiring instructions]

September, 2024

Book your international flight to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania JRO. (,, and typically have good rates.)

September-November, 2024

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about vaccinations and medications necessary for travel to Tanzania, Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro Region) Our elevation will remain above 4,000 ft. for most of the trip, but malaria medications are still recommended.

Commonly recommended vaccinations include:

Hepatitis A and B and Typhoid. Here is a link to the CDC website with additional information.

Also consult your doctor about high elevation medications, such as Acetazolamide (Diamox) and Dexamethasone. Diamox is highly recommended by many experts. Malaria medications are also recommended by the CDC. Of equal importance are antidiarrheal medications such as Azithromycin and Metronidazole (Flagyl). Please consult the packing list for suggested quantities.

 Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek Timeline (Also Safari Timeline)

Departure from your Home Country (January 14 0r 15, 2025)

American travelers will need to depart for this trip on January 15 and can expect to connect in Europe on the morning of January 16. Please check time zone differences from your home country to Tanzania, Africa to make necessary arrangements.

Upon Arrival in Tanzania, Africa (January 16, 2025)

VISAS – Tourist Visas can be obtained on arrival for $100 USD. You will need one passport photo to obtain your visa, and one passport photo for a trekker ID card you will receive (bring two passport photos). Payment must be in the exact amount in US dollars. Bring a crisp $100 bill. You may also apply for a visa online here:

DONATIONS – Please bring any donations with you to the airport in your luggage. Donations may include clothing for adults and children, pencils, pens, notebooks, sports equipment (soccer balls), mountain gear for porters and trekking team.

GRATUITIES – Please expect to bring gratuities in the amount of at least $200 USD for each segment of the trip. That would be $400 USD if you participate in the safari and the trek. Your $200 tip will be shared by the drivers, cooks, and servers on the safari trip. Your $200 tip will be shared by the lead guides, cook, server, and porters on the Kilimanjaro trek. You can tip each individually or pool the tips together. We will discuss this on the trip. the general rule is to tip the driver or lead guide a minimum of $20 per day, $15 per day for assistant guides, $15/day for cooks, and $8/day for porters. Crisp and recently printed $100 or $50 bills are preferred by the guides who can get better exchange rates with them.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE – You will be able to exchange dollars for shillings on the first day of the trip to buy jewelry and crafts from local artisans. We will also visit stores that accept dollars and major credit cards, but purchasing goods from the local tribal members is an important component of the trip that helps promote the sustainability of the village.

TRAVEL INSURANCE – You must purchase travel insurance for this trip. Please do your own research, but one company we recommend is Allianz Travel Insurance.

The trip is underway

Thursday, January 16, 2025 through Wednesday, February 4, 2025 (20 days)

Lemosho Route Map 1 1 1 webp to jpg converter

Separate Trip Options for One Week Only

African Wildlife Safari, Serengeti Balloon Ride, and Maasai Tribe Cultural Exchange Description (January 16-24, 2025)

Cost: $5000 USD (No Kilimanjaro Trek)

  • Tarangire National Park Safari and Camping
  • Serengeti National Park Safari and Camping
  • Serengeti National Park Balloon Ride
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area Wildlife Viewing and Camping
  • Cultural Exchange in Maasai Village
  • Acclimatization Hikes in Ngorongoro Highlands
Mt. Kilimanjaro 7 Day Trek: Lemosho Route Description (January 25-February 1, 2025):

Cost: $3650 USD (Kilimanjaro Trek only)

kilimanjaro 26

 from $8500 

Our Guides

John P. DeGrazio | Yosemite Naturalist Wilderness Guide

Lead Adventure Hiking Guide & Naturalist Yosemite Centennial Ambassador YExplore Founder Our greatest discoveries are made in nature where we  find a peace that brings balance to our lives with every day, hour, and moment spent outdoors. 

Olotumi Laizer | Lead Local Guide Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro Guide Olotumi Laizer is a Masaai Warrior from northern Tanzania.  He grew up in a small village in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  He went to college in Tanzania where he studied Animal Health and Wildlife Management.

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