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Wilderness Adventure Guides and Naturalists

Certified wilderness guides provide security and safety while exploring Yosemite’s scenic terrain. Our richly experienced photography guides focus on offering expert advice to clients while shooting in prime locations within the natural setting of the park. We outfit every tour with communication devices, navigation tools, and first aid equipment. Anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors is encouraged to join us for a day on the trails to share memories of a lifetime. Individuals, Groups, and Families are welcome. Every YExplore Yosemite Tour includes a vehicle reservation permit into Yosemite National Park during any reservation period.

John P. DeGrazio | Yosemite Naturalist/ Adventure Guide

Lead Adventure Hiking Guide & Naturalist Yosemite Centennial Ambassador YExplore Founder Our greatest discoveries are made in nature where we  find a peace that brings balance to our lives with every day, hour, and moment spent outdoors. 

Gena Wood | Yosemite Naturalist/ Adventure Guide

Lead Naturalist Hiking Guide  Yosemite Adventure Hikes Gena Wood | Yosemite Adventure Guide Born in Southern California but raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Gena was quick to return west at the age of 18. 

Dan Webster | Yosemite Naturalist

Lead Naturalist Hiking Guide  Yosemite Nature Tours Yosemite Adventure Hikes Dan’s first trip to Yosemite was in the spring of ‘84. First hike up Half Dome, icy dips in the Merced River, climbing black oaks – That was it! – the Sierra was Dan’s new playground. 

Glen Young | Yosemite Naturalist & International Guide

Glen Young, our lead international guide for Everest Base Camp, is a native of Southwestern Michigan who has been working in the outdoor industry for 17 years. Glen began as an environmental educator in the Midwest before moving to Alaska and later New Zealand where he attended graduate school.

Mark Petersen | Yosemite Geologist/ Adventure Guide

Naturalist Hiking Guide  Yosemite Adventure Hikes Yosemite Nature Tours A year or so before the Beatles release of “Rubber Soul,” Mark first experienced the magic of the Yosemite backcountry. In the many years and miles since, he remains convinced that few of Earth’s wonders can compare to Yosemite National Park. 

James McGrew | Naturalist/ Professional Photographer

Lead Art Instructor | Lead Naturalist | Professional Photography Guide Yosemite Plein Air Art Workshops James McGrew first backpacked in Yosemite at 4 months old and recalls childhood memories of frequent trips to Yosemite to paint and photograph. 

Sonja Shwartz | Yosemite Naturalist/ Adventure Guide

For the past decade, Sonja has made her home in the Sierra, learning more about the plants, animals and history of the region while out hiking, climbing, and exploring.

Emily Chandler | Yosemite Naturalist/ Adventure Guide

Emily’s outdoor adventure career began as a child in the Wallowa mountains in Oregon, where she learned to backpack and sport climb with her family. 

David Murphy | Yosemite Adventure Guide

David Murphy is a photographer, writer, and restless transplant based in Yosemite National Park. He has led wilderness expeditions up to 48 days across North America and is an avid climber, canoeist, and camp chef. 

Ana Ally | Yosemite Adventure Guide

Driven by an adventurous heart and a nomadic soul, Ana has been traveling the wilds of her inner and outer worlds for the past decade. From riding out storms in the Bering Sea to herding sheep in the foothills of Patagonia, Ana has been pulled across the Americas in pursuit of aliveness, by what it means to be a bodied creature in all her unique humanness.

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