Professional Photo Guides

Professional Photo Guides

Each professional YExplore photographer possesses a wealth of unmatched photography experience in Yosemite National Park. Robb Hirsch is a “Nature’s Best” Photography Award winner whose fine prints are on display at the Ahwahnee Hotel. Al Golub and Walter Flint are 25 year Yosemite veterans whose unmatched teaching styles are complemented by an expertise developed from years behind the camera while hiking and backpacking countless miles throughout Yosemite’s wilderness. Joining them is the highly respected naturalist/artist/photographer, James McGrew, who literally grew up in Yosemite National Park. His studio is located in Portland, Oregon, but he returns “home” each summer to lead interpretive programs for the Parks Department and is available for a limited number of our specialty programs. Joshua Cripps is a resident of the Sierra with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of photography which parlays exceptionally well with his experience in the education field.

Robb Hirsch | Yosemite Professional Photographer

Trained academically as a biologist and natural historian, Robb Hirsch developed an intimate relationship with the natural world. 

Joshua Cripps | Yosemite Professional Photographer

Currently residing in Santa Cruz, Josh spends much of his time photographing the city’s gorgeous coastline. Each summer he returns to his spiritual home in the High Sierra to camp, backpack, and photograph the spectacular views which the Range of Light has to offer.

James McGrew | Yosemite Art Instructor, Naturalist

Lead Art Instructor | Lead Naturalist | Professional Photography Guide Yosemite Plein Air Art Workshops James McGrew first backpacked in Yosemite at 4 months old and recalls childhood memories of frequent trips to Yosemite to paint and photograph. 

Jay Sousa | Yosemite Professional Photographer

Professional Photography Guide | Adventure Hiking Guide Yosemite Photography Classes and Workshops Photo Hikes and Backpacks Yosemite Guided Hiking Tours and Backpack Trips Jay Sousa has been a fulltime professional photographer for thirty-five years and a Professor of photography at Merced Community College for the past seven years.

Sapna Reddy | Yosemite Professional Photographer

Sapna is a professional photographer with extensive experience in photographing Yosemite.
Her work has been internationally recognized on multiple platforms including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Sony, Adobe and Flickr.

Photography Workshops

Yosemite National Park Custom Photography Workshops are open to Individuals and Groups of all ages and experience levels in every season. We guarantee smaller group sizes for a more personalized experience. Our richly experienced Yosemite photography guides focus on offering expert advice to clients while shooting in prime locations within the natural setting of the park during periods of optimal light. Every YExplore Yosemite Photo Tour includes a vehicle reservation permit into Yosemite National Park during any reservation period.

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