Mt. Kilimanjaro

Summit Trek

Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit Trek Only

Reach the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain with us on a 6 day expedition. Learn the rich natural history of Kilimanjaro from an expert who has safely guided hundreds of expeditions to Uhuru Peak with his team.

What’s Included

What’s Not Included

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 from $4000 

Our Guides

John P. DeGrazio | Yosemite Naturalist Wilderness Guide

Lead Adventure Hiking Guide & Naturalist Yosemite Centennial Ambassador YExplore Founder Our greatest discoveries are made in nature where we  find a peace that brings balance to our lives with every day, hour, and moment spent outdoors. 

Olotumi Laizer | Lead Local Guide Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro Guide Olotumi Laizer is a Masaai Warrior from northern Tanzania.  He grew up in a small village in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  He went to college in Tanzania where he studied Animal Health and Wildlife Management.

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