Yosemite Photography Workshops

Unique Photography Workshops In Yosemite National Park

Our unique Yosemite Photography Workshops present opportunities to take control of your camera and achieve your artistic goals in a natural setting with personalized attention from your instructor. All workshops are open to photo enthusiasts of every experience level 12 months a year. We provide a personalized experience for all our Yosemite Photography Workshops beginning with the booking process. Participants may choose their subjects and specific topics of discussion, and our professional photographer will tailor their instructions for each individual student. We guarantee smaller class sizes with a better student/teacher ratio and will guarantee a class even for a single student. We customize our photo classes for our students. All Photo Tours require a certain amount of hiking. Most are very easy camera walks to optimize time spent in the field. Longer hikes with rewarding vistas are also available. Minimum Requirements for all Tours: Any camera which offers manual control over the shutter speed and aperture. Digital cameras preferred because they offer instant feedback. An SLR with a pair of lenses (i.e. wide angle zoom and a long telephoto) would be ideal. We frequently encounter wildlife in these areas so a long lens is handy to have on hand. A tripod is strongly recommended. Bring food, water, sunscreen, rain gear, and sturdy walking shoes. Feel free to ask any questions about the content or requirements.

Landscapes Photo Classes

Photograph the landscape of Yosemite National Park from a different perspective with our professional guides whose main focus will be on improving your photography (not their own) throughout the entire session to ensure that you leave Yosemite with a new found knowledge and some of the best photos in your library. 

Icons of Yosemite Photo Classes

People have been photographing Yosemite since 1859, when Charles Weed took the first salt print photo of Yosemite Fall. Since then, artists like Carlton Watkins, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, to name a few, have been photographing the Yosemite Valley and High Sierra, all the while traveling to many meadows, peaks, river banks and vistas. 

Advanced Photo Classes

Premium services are available for more experienced photo enthusiasts who wish to apply finer points of photography in a natural setting. Advanced Photo Classes will focus on advanced techniques for photographing wildlife or macro subjects. 

Photography Hiking Workshops

Trekking with your tripod is one way to combine the exhilaration of a hike with the opportunity to photograph its majestic landscapes during optimal periods of light. Join a professional photographer and travel farther on a full day photography trek to all areas in Yosemite.

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