Emily Chandler

Yosemite Adventure Guide/Naturalist

Adventure Guide/Naturalist

Emily’s outdoor adventure career began as a child in the Wallowa mountains in Oregon, where she learned to backpack and sport climb with her family. Since then Emily has enjoyed an array of outdoor recreation and stewardship jobs including outdoor guiding, wild land fire/aviation, summer camps and outdoor education. Emily has lived the Sierra Nevada mountains for seven years, and has lived full time in Yosemite for the last year.
Emily currently works as an adventure guide for Yexplore, as well as an environmental science educator for school groups in the park. In addition to helping children and adults recreate and investigate science in Yosemite, Emily also teaches yoga at community classes in the area as well as the local public school.

Emily loves to garden, run, hike and find stillness in wild places.

emily chandler
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