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Raised in Sonora, CA, Josh grew up with the wilderness affecting every facet of his life, and spent countless hours of his childhood exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains. When his educational goals steered him to the concrete-clad megalopolis of Los Angeles, Josh realized the true importance of communing with nature and took every opportunity possible to escape back into the wilds of California.

After Josh’s graduation from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, his desire to explore the planet took him on a voyage of discovery around the world and into the heart of such wild places as New Zealand, Mongolia, and L’ile de la Reunion. This trip spurred his interest in photography and led him to begin capturing images of the beautiful places of the world.

Joshua Cripps

Currently residing in Santa Cruz, Josh spends much of his time photographing the city’s gorgeous coastline. Each summer he returns to his spiritual home in the High Sierra to camp, backpack, and photograph the spectacular views which the Range of Light has to offer.

Josh’s work has been featured in magazines like Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography, and his prints hang in homes across the US. He is also a contributing writer for, one of the best photography and Photoshop sites on the web.

Josh loves to teach and finds particular joy in helping photographers of all abilities push their photography to new heights.

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