Clouds Rest: Yosemite Panorama Photo 2015.07.16


Looking Down on Half Dome   By John P. DeGrazio   It’s been a busy month which is a good thing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are two from a recent hike up Clouds Rest. Sorry I don’t have many more words to share as I’m heading back to Yosemite for more […]

Lembert Dome: Yosemite Panorama Photo 2015.07.06


The Payoff Pitch  By John P. DeGrazio   It’s summertime in Yosemite National Park and as the Major League Baseball All Star Game approaches, I can’t help but think of this classic baseball phrase. So here goes. It’s a hot steamy day and it’s time to step up to the plate. There are two outs in the […]

A Tale of Two Waterfall Panos: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.06.09


Hiking the Mist Trail   By John P. DeGrazio   No matter what time you hike the Mist Trail in spring, you will be in for a treat. If you time it just right in late morning, you will see a mist bow on Vernal Fall. Here are photos from two separate recent trips up the most popular […]

Half Dome Takes Center Stage: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.05.25


Clearing Storm on the Panorama Trail   By John P. DeGrazio   What a week in Yosemite! Storms continued to hit the Sierra Nevada bringing much needed precipitation while creating dazzling light shows along the trails of Yosemite National Park. I was very fortunate to share the Panorama trail with two very adventurous couples from Singapore. We […]

Happy 177th Birthday John Muir: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.04.21


Retracing Muir’s Footsteps on the North Rim  By John P. DeGrazio  It’s not every day you get to follow a legend. This past week I had the opportunity to follow the path of the greatest Yosemite legend of all time, John Muir. It’s only fitting that we honor him on what would have been his 177th […]

Adventure Day with My Daughter: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.03.17


Explore Nature with Your Children   By John P. DeGrazio  If I had a dollar for every Facebook post with a generic proclamation about how kids make their parents proud, I’d be a rich man. Facebook seems to be inundated with these types of posts that end with share if you are proud of your daughter or son. I […]

Waterfalls & Clouds: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.02.23


The Storm that Wasn’t   By John P. DeGrazio  Rain and snow were in the forecast for Yosemite yesterday so we showed some flexibility in rescheduling our events for the weekend. We flip-flopped a photo workshop with an adventure hike, and everything worked out perfectly. As the leader of the hike, I was thrilled to […]

Cloudless Days in Yosemite Valley: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.02.18


Looking on the Bright Side  By John P. DeGrazio  Last week it rained for a couple days, and then it stopped. Soccer practice ended, and we were off. Making it to OMG Point is quite an adventure for a 4 year old who was up to the challenge. Sure, we hiked back with the aid of […]

Views from Half Dome Summit in Winter: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.2.7


A February Ascent of Yosemite’s Most Famous Dome  By John P. DeGrazio  On Thursday I had an opportunity to do something I’ve never done before in Yosemite, summit Half Dome in February. After carefully selecting a group of friends, we set off on our journey from the trailhead parking lot. We were so confident we’d […]

Views Along the Pohono Trail: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2014.12.29


14 Reasons to backpack Yosemite in Winter  By John P. DeGrazio  For my final Panorama update of 2014, I’d like to share photos from my last foray into the Yosemite wilderness this year. The trip began at Badger Pass as we loaded our packs, put on our snowshoes, and hiked along the Glacier Point Road […]

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