Half Covered Half Dome: Yosemite Panorama Monday 3.31.14


Photographing Panoramas in Yosemite Valley By John P. DeGrazio  A clearing storm is a thing of beauty. To capture it, you simply must be in the right place at the right time. Capturing an image you are satisfied with is a completely different subject. Here is an image I made after being in Yosemite Valley […]

Half Dome and Dewey Point: Yosemite iPhonography Panoramas 3.17.14


Yosemite Panoramic Monday   By John P. DeGrazio   I normally don’t shoot into the sun, but I was testing a new theory with the iPhone panorama camera feature. I tapped the screen to set the exposure on the peak of Half Dome in the direct sunlight to darken the rest of the image. The […]

Clouds Dancing Above Tunnel View: Yosemite iPhonography Panoramas 3.5.14


Storms Add Life to Yosemite Waterfalls  By John P. DeGrazio  I spent the last weekend in Yosemite Valley for the highly successful Range of Light Film Festival where I met several talented photographers and and filmmakers. The days were spent indoors which was inconsequential considering Yosemite Valley was being dumped on by successive rainstorms. In […]

Cathedral Rocks: Yosemite iPhonography Panoramas 12.16.13


I recently led a hike in Yosemite Valley with a visitor from Germany on his first Yosemite adventure. The forecast called for rain and snow during the day with some clearing in the afternoon. Our hike led us to the top of Yosemite Falls where our sight was limited, but it did not hamper our […]

It’s Just a Panoramic Monday: Yosemite iPhonography Panoramas 12.02.13


Roaring Waterfalls in Yosemite By John P. DeGrazio The waterfalls have returned to Yosemite National Park. Recent storms have soaked the Sierra and rivers like the Merced and Tuolumne are once again beginning to sing. A recent hike along the John Muir Trail leaving yosemite Valley revealed at least a temporary increase in the decibel […]

Eastern Sierra: Yosemite Panoramas 10.04.13


Mammoth Lakes, CA and Dana Meadows By John P. DeGrazio Today is Day 4 of the U.S. Government’s senseless shutdown of the National Parks. Our Sierra Nevada community had been in the infant stage of recovery from the ecological, economic, and emotional impact of the catastrophic Rim Fire before congress decided to stop funding the […]

Lower Ottoway Lake: Yosemite Panoramas 9.24.13


Red Peak, Ottoway Peak, and Merced Peak from Lower Ottoway Lake By John P. DeGrazio Nothing worthwhile is easy. Two days of hiking in Yosemite Wilderness is often needed just to reach the shore of Lower Ottoway Lake to make an image like this. Although a difficult challenge, the Red Peak Pass Yosemite Backpack trip is […]

Rim Fire: Yosemite Panoramas 9.10.13


Rim Fire from the South Rim of Yosemite Valley By John P. DeGrazio Dewey Point is one of the most unheralded places to gaze at El Capitan and many other Yosemite Valley landmarks. I had an opportunity to return to one of my favorite spots in Yosemite to view the Rim Fire which has already […]

High Country Lakes: Yosemite Panoramas 8.12.13


Ireland and Evelyn By John P. DeGrazio Spending a day in Yosemite’s high country is the cure for all that ails you. Recently recovered from a back injury, I went out on a 20 mile jaunt with my good friend Brian up the Lyell Canyon. The goal was to reach Ireland Lake and hopefully make […]

Raisin Lake: Yosemite Panoramas 7.25.13


By John P. DeGrazio I recently hiked with a wonderful family to May Lake. Since the family was in excellent shape and willing to extend their adventure, we decided to visit the supremely more remote Raisin Lake for a picnic and a swim. Our swim was cut a little short by some thunder above, but […]

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