Yosemite Tunnel View Bear

Yosemite Tunnel View Bear

As the Founder and Principal of YExplore Yosemite Adventures, I am pleased to announce the release of our Yosemite Tunnel View Bear logo today, June 20, 2017. This logo was developed from a concept I first shared with Heather Lawson and Derrick Singh of Lawson Studios, a design studio in Oakhurst, CA. I wanted to […]

Yosemite Landscapes from Mia’s Point of View: Yosemite Photos 2014.11.17


Seeing Yosemite from a 9 Year Old’s Perspective  By John P. DeGrazio  I recently spent some quality family time in Yosemite on a hike to Sentinel Dome with my 4 and 9 year old girls. It’s become a DeGrazio tradition to allow each girl an opportunity to summit her first peak around her fourth birthday. On this […]

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