Language Making Nature


New Book by Naturalist David Lukas  David Lukas is a well respected author in the Sierra Nevada and one of our lead naturalist guides at YExplore. He has led many guided nature tours in Yosemite National Park for us over the past 7 years. David and I have also spent many days on the trails of […]

Out There

Echo Lake from Echo Peak #3, Yosemite National Park

The Three Rs of Being “Out There”  By Alex Ainley  I have spent the last seven hours inside my solo tent. There is an enormous storm blowing furiously outside. Wind is ripping at my tent almost rhythmically, pounding and snapping succeeding in testing her fortitude. I am nestled comfortably in my bag munching on some rustic kitchen hodgepodge of nuts, meats and dried berries […]

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