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Hiking at high elevation requires a high level of aerobic endurance and leg strength. Because we have staff support, participants on our trek will not be required to carry more than 30 lbs. Additionally, we will not hike more than 5.5 miles while traveling up-hill, and have built-in acclimatization days. However, simply walking at elevations above 11,000 ft./3,350 m can be strenuous, and walking uphill above 16,000 ft./4,880 m is difficult for most fit individuals.

The best training for the Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek is hiking with a 30 lb. pack on steep trails. Usually weekends are the best time to do this. Ideally, training hikes will last at least three hours, and ascend more than 2,000 ft./610 m of elevation. This can be achieved by doing laps on a smaller hill in your area. Try to hike quickly in order to keep your heart rate high, which will simulate the effects of altitude. A 2 mile-per-hour pace while hiking uphill is a good target. If you do not have access to hills in your area, training on a stair-stepper machine is a good substitute.

For the three weekends before departure, try to do three workouts that ascend at least 3,500 ft. of elevation, and cover more than eight miles. This will ensure that you have the stamina necessary for hiking hills at much higher elevations.

Two or three days a week (weekdays) do some aerobic training to maintain fitness and increase your red blood cell count. Running hills, cycling, and swimming are the most popular activities. Each session should last at least 20 minutes.

Although many fit individuals can complete the Everest Base Camp Trek with minimal physical preparation, a participant’s ability to enjoy the trek is dependent upon their training. And besides, this is just another excuse to get into nature, have fun, and feel healthy!

We are happy to offer Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek training programs featuring scenic hikes in Yosemite National Park. Please call us for details: (209) 532-7014.

Nepal Guided Mt. Everest Base Camp Adventure Trek

Explore with us to make a lifelong connection with the Himalayas. Hire a guide from a local village to explore Mt. Everest and its breathtaking scenery.

Mount Everest Base Camp

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