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Olotumi Laizer | Lead Local Guide Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro Guide Olotumi Laizer is a Masaai Warrior from northern Tanzania.  He grew up in a small village in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  He went to college in Tanzania where he studied Animal Health and Wildlife Management.  Laizer is an experienced leader who has guided many groups to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and different national parks in Tanzania and Kenya.

Olotumi currently works for the Yosemite Conservancy as the Yosemite Valley Complex Supervisor and leads groups to Tanzania every year.  He has also been instrumental in helping to establish the sister park relationship between Yosemite National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. In his free time, Laizer enjoys hiking, playing soccer, and watching wildlife.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Guide Olotumi Laizer is dedicated to providing education and empowerment opportunities the people of his village in Tanzania. He has initiated many projects dedicated to helping families in his native village. He has helped build a medical center and continues to donate supplies to the local area school. He has also set up funds to help children achieve a secondary education. Each year Laizer invites guests to his village to learn about the culture of the Maasai while inspiring many others to contribute to his causes to provide sustainability to the village.

Olotumi Laizer and his wife Kim have also empowered many women of the community to develop skills that will help them feed their families. They have established a fund that creates women-centered training and development opportunities like savings and loan co-ops, small livestock/business co-ops, and artisan co-ops. They hope to enable the women to establish their co-ops and implement their training and development projects. Funds may be used to purchase supplies/capital, contribute to base funds for the savings and loan co-op, pay local trainers/teachers, and/or cover travel expenses for women attending training sessions.

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