June 2016 Yosemite Instagram Month in Review

Olmsted June 2016 Yosemite Instagram

June 2016 Yosemite Instagram Month in Review

Olmsted June 2016 Yosemite InstagramThis is the June 2016 Yosemite Instagram Month in Review. Yosemite National Park was an exciting place to be in June. Just ask President Obama and the First Family who visited on Father’s Day Weekend. I was honored to be invited to that event, and those photos will be coming shortly.

Waterfalls continued to highlight Yosemite visits and many trails that highlight them like the Panorama Trail became more accessible. The Tioga Road also provides access to some of the most amazing views in Yosemite.

In June we also ascended Half Dome with some great groups including our friends Wizz, Christian, and Peter which was a memorable trip. The Half Dome hike is definitely one that can be more manageable when you share the experience with family and close friends. Yosemite’s Mist Trail dazzled hikers and always provides a much needed cool shower from Vernal Fall at the end of a long long day.

Here are some of the most popular photos from our June 2016 Yosemite Instagram with 190 likes or more. There are many more on our feed where we have reached 2222 followers. Please follow and share with other IGers to help us build our Instagram audience @yexplore.

June 2016 Yosemite Instagram

All photos taken on an iPhone 6s

So many unique views along the Panorama Trail like this one of Half Dome & Illilouette Fall. #yosemite

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‪My name is John DeGrazio & I am posting #‎330pushups‬ for #22kill on the summit of of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I am doing push-ups in an attempt to raise awareness on the fact that 22 AMERICAN VETERANS will commit suicide today! I was nominated by Kurt Wolken. Today, I am nominating Spencer McDonough @spencermcsuhdude. If you accept, copy and paste this to each video. Everyone has a purpose! Continue to find emotional and physical strength you never thought existed. Please help spread the word that Veteran suicide is NOT the answer. A new video will be posted each day for the next 22 days, each with someone new being challenged. -Take a video of yourself executing 22 push-ups to your ability level. -Post the video to Facebook and other social media by using hashtags above. -Tally your push-ups (I.e. A group of four people in the video doing push-ups would like ‪#‎88pushups‬ for ‪#‎22kill‬ -Call out your friends, family, battle buddies, shipmates, anyone… The sky is the limit. The goal is to raise awareness for our service members who are battling this demon. This is a very important issue that our veterans deal with on a daily basis. Not all have dealt with these conditions first hand but all of us have known someone that has. This is in honor of the ones we lost too soon.

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Half Dome Portrait from the Panorama Trail, Yosemite National Park

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Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t no river wide enough..

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Photos & Videos Courtesy of  http://instagram.com/yexplore

Photographing with a camera phone was once frowned upon as a lazy way out of making an image. With advancing technology, these phones are becoming more integral in everyday “outdoor” life. I am currently using the iPhone 6s with an 12 megapixel camera and will share the world of Yosemite through my phone. – John P. DeGrazio

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